The co-owner of the Minnesota Timberwolves, Alex Rodriguez was spotted at Lambeau Field supporting the Vikings rival while fans lost their minds on twitter.

After years of playing for the Mariners, Rangers and Yankees and retiring in 2016, the baseball star threw his hat into another sport and became co-owner of the T-Wolves last year. Since then he's been trying to get on Minnesota sports fan's good side after leaving Twins fans disappointed every time they faced off in the playoffs and now he's apart of a Minnesota organization. Well, Mr. A-Rod, I'm here to tell ya that this move over the weekend did not help things.

Alex Rodriguez posted a pic last fall relaxing on a Minnesota Lake, I mean he is part owner of the T-wolves, so it makes sense. What doesn't make sense is the sports star dawning the dreaded green and yellow over the weekend. Granted the Packers have nothing to do with basketball, still feels weird to see someone associated with Minnesota sports supporting a Minnesota team rival.

Okay, so he's playing it off as a check off the old bucket list. Listen, I have visiting every NFL stadium on my bucket list, but you wouldn't catch me wearing those colors. Especially if I was part owner of a Minnesota sports team. Even the NFL tweeted about his appearance:

Here he is, trying to make good for his mistake while attending a T-Wolves game the following night:

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