Things are getting really serious around here! Another episode of The Bachelor aired on Monday night (February 22) and our Minnesota contestant Michelle Young scored yet another rose.

The episode was the famous "hometown" episode, where the lead visits the hometowns of his remaining four ladies. Because of the pandemic, the families had to come to the resort where they are filming this season instead. That means we didn't get any glimpse of Minnesota but we got a bunch of mentions!

Michelle got the first hometown date of the episode. She told Matt that even though they weren't in Minnesota for the date, she was going to "bring Minnesota" to the resort. She also mentioned how she used to ride bikes growing up in Minnesota and we got to meet some of the students from her class in Minnesota, where she is a teacher.

Spoiler alert: she and her family made a great impression and she ended up getting just one of three roses. That means she is moving on to the final three and could ultimately get the final rose. It is obvious she and Matt have a great relationship. She made it into the final three, even after joining the show a few weeks into filming as part of a show twist!

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We will know if she gets the final rose sometime in March. If not, I think she would make a great lead for the next season of The Bachelorette. We have had a lead from Minnesota before and it was awesome!

We have had other Minnesota connections on the show as well. A former lead was caught repping a University of Minnesota sweatshirt on social media back in 2019. Also in 2019, a popular contestant from the show stopped by Mall Of America to sign copies of her book.

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