A woman driving a motorized shopping cart on an undisclosed freeway in Minnesota somehow dodged cars coming towards her as she drove the wrong way down the freeway towards oncoming traffic. On top of all of this it was at night making it hard for cars to see her or the shopping cart.

For whatever reason MNDOT would not disclose where the incident took place and the video is rather grainy so it is hard to make out what the woman looks like or how old she is. When I first watched the video it looked as if she has gray hair but at one point she jumps off the shopping cart and dives and rolls into a ditch waving her arms at passing cars.

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At one point she is frantically waving her arms at cars almost like she is upset at them for driving towards her. I have driven one of those carts once after i dislocated my knee and they move at a super slow pace so it is unbelievable that she would even have enough battery power to make it to a freeway let alone get on a ramp to make onto a lane on the freeway.

Kudos to all those drivers for paying attention enough to not only run into her but also from running into the shopping cart when it was sitting in the middle of the road. State Troopers were able to get on scene and remove the woman from the freeway and bring her to get medical help I am assuming. Check out this unbelievable video below:

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