Here is something you may not have thought about doing: teaching your teen how to drive in the snow - even after they have their license.

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The Minnesota State Patrol shared the suggestion on their Facebook page Tuesday (January 19th), stating that it was a good idea to get your teen some winter driving experience.

Their post suggests taking your teen driver to an empty parking lot to show them a few different things. Even if they have already taken their license test or been driving for some time, it's always good to brush up on some basics.

The Minnesota State Patrol suggests reminding them about stopping when roads are icy and how you should leave an increased distance between you and other cars. They also suggest showing your teen driver how to maintain control of the vehicle when roads are icy should they slide.

It is easy to see why the Minnesota State Patrol wants everyone to brush up with their teen driver when it comes to driving in the snow. Driving in the snow is difficult enough, but then you add in the fact that roads get icy and hazardous and things get scary for those that don't have a ton of driving experience.Someone in the comment section of the post suggested that a few adults could be trained on this as well and I have to say, I got a good laugh and I totally agree with that. Ha!

Earlier this year, the Minnesota State Patrol also shared a video having to do with winter driving. The video shows a driver hitting black ice and a car spinning out of control. Be careful out there, especially in the wintertime.

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