The Minnesota State High School League has changed its mind about the fall sports season after all. Football and volleyball will play this fall in a surprising about-face from their August 4th decision to move the sports to spring.

Football season is set to begin on September 28th in preparation for a six game regular season to begin on October 9th or 10th.  The postseason will likely be localized with no traditional state tournament. More information on the postseason will be decided on October 1st at the next board meeting.

The board voted 15-3 to approve the motion.

The volleyball season will begin on September 28th with practices, will allow for 11 weeks of matches and up to 14 matches per team. There will be no in-season tournaments allowed.

There will be two weeks of practices, seven weeks of regular season matches and two weeks for the postseason. As of now, spectators will not be allowed to attend matches in person.

The board voted 14-4 to approve the volleyball measure.

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Adapted soccer will be allowed to practice from September 21st through October 23rd. Schools in a co-op situation will see coaches traveling to individual schools for instruction as opposed to bringing entire teams together.

There will be no scrimmages or matches for adapted soccer in 2020.

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