A Minnesota Sheriff's Office has had enough of this from parents, you may have done it yourself, but they are asking that you stop!

The child and parent are entering a store, mall, grocery store, or restaurant, and the parent says, you better behave, or I'm gonna call the police and have them put you in jail. First of all, they don't do that, second of all, the law enforcement men and women are trying to keep a good relationship with the public, especially young people, and that is ruining it.

What the Chisago Sheriff's Office says is that kids become afraid or think that law enforcement can do that and when they see some bad stories about any law enforcement it paints a bad picture. Don't create fear, teach them that they are there to help.

Law enforcement has always said they want people to know they are there to help them and are only a call away to help with anything. They said people are not trying to create a bad atmosphere and it might be a little playful but you don't know how that child is going to take that statement.

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Law enforcement wants kids to call first and let them help, not be afraid to call, and make them the last resort to taking care of a situation. The Duluth and St. Louis County Sheriff believe the same. They have all sorts of public meetings and also put on events where kids can see the car, meet the K-9, or just get to know the officer that upholds the law for them, and usually do tours for groups with a phone call ahead of time.

Here's an example:

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