Minnesota students who are looking to make a career in law enforcement could qualify for scholarship money, thanks to the coordinated efforts of the Minnesota Sheriff's Association (MSA).  The organization recently announced that they will have 15 different scholarships available - worth $600 each.

Locally, St. Louis County Sheriff Ross Litman is encouraging Northland students to apply:

"The Board of Directors feel peace officers in our democratic society have complex duties to perform.  MSA recognizes some students need outside help in meeting the costs of such training, even though they excel academically."

Since 2013, there have been six students from St. Louis County that have received scholarships from MSA.

The qualifications are specific but easily-achieved by law enforcement students; applicants must be enrolled in one of the three following categories of study:

  • A mandated POST Skills Program
  • The second-year of a two-year law enforcement program
  • The third or fourth year of a four-year college criminal justice program

To learn more about the scholarships available, click here. To read more about the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office, click here.




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