It's finally official - even though she's been on the job and serving in the role for almost a year.

With bipartisan support, the Minnesota Senate voted to confirm Nancy Daubenberger into her role as Commissioner for the Minnesota Department of Transportation.  Daubenberger was appointed to the agencies top role by Minnesota Governor Tim Walz and Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan nine months ago - in May 2022. The vote to approve on February 6 makes the appointment official.

Daubenberger is also no stranger to the agency.  She has served with the Minnesota Department of Transportation for more than 23 years in a variety of different roles.

Prior to joining MNDOT, she worked in consulting for about six years, in both bridge and road design.  Her first position with the state was in planning, project management, and design for the MNDOT Bridge Office and the Metro District.  She then moved on to serve as Assistant Commissioner for Engineering Services, was the State Bridge Engineer.

With the confirmation news came reaffirment from Minnesota Governor Tim Walz in Daubenbergers ability to lead the state agency:

"Nancy Daubengberger's work to improve and expand our state's extensive transportation system has already put the Minnesota Department of Transportation in a strong position for the future.  I look forward to working together to build a world-class transportation system with options for every Minnesotan."

Newly-confirmed MNDOT Commissioner Dauenberger echoed the partnership aspects of new role.  She commented on the appointment:

"I'm deeply grateful to Governor Walz and Lieutenant Governor Flanagan for the trust they have placed in me to lead MNDOT, and to be confirmed with bipartisan support in the Senate.  MNDOT has important work ahead of us to achieve our vision of a multimodal transportation system that maximizes the health of people, the environment, and our economy.  I look forward to continuing that work with partners across the state and local government, the Legislature, as well as the labor and business communities."

As the transportation agency for the state, MNDOT is charged with "developing, implementing, administering, and coordinating state transportation policies, plans, and programs - including the state highway system, aeronautics, motor carriers, ports, public transit, and railroads".  As Commissioner, Nancy Daubenberger will oversee MNDOT's entire operations.

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