Sometimes you have to be creative during the Pandemic to keep your business going, that's what Greg James did.

Greg James owns the Iron Tap which is a couple of blocks from Lake Waconia. He noticed there were over 1500 ice fishing houses. Those people could be customers. The dilemma, how to get the food to them, someone has to know the lake well, but it could take a fair amount of time to get to them.

He searched the internet and found battery-powered delivery bags, so now he could deliver the food hot. As big as the lake is he still had to get someone that knew that lake, but sometimes when people describe where they are, they might not know where they are by the landmarks like the delivery person.

So, here's how it works. You screenshot where you are on the lake with the GPS and the person delivering can find you and give you hot food, and you can even purchase beer.

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Greg James says he is hoping for more snow because they have to run the food to the lake then take off with a snowmobile. With more snow, they can drive the snowmobile right up to the restaurant.

That would be a great idea for the area, Pike Lake could have some deliveries, Island Lake (as big as it is), and what about the other surrounding lakes. Is there a law against setting up a fish house and selling food from the restaurant? You could stock with some of the popular food items and beer and then deliver on the lake. This would be a great money maker for some of the places near lakes or setting up a couple of pizza ovens.

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