Does a tree on your property have what it takes to be the centerpiece of downtown Duluth's Christmas experience?  For many, the huge decorated tree that always rests in Lake Superior Plaza (the corner of Superior Street and Lake Avenue) is a "must-see" during the Christmas season.  Now, you could have the opportunity to not only see the tree - but provide it!

Minnesota Power is searching for a candidate for this years model.

The requirements are pretty simple, but specific:  The tree needs to be a pine or spruce, at least 40-feet high, and has to currently sit in the ground within 10-miles of its eventual downtown destination.  A good candidate would also need to reside in an area that harvesting would be easy (i.e. near a road, not blocked in by buildings or other trees, etc.)

If you have a tree that meets these needs, click here to fill out the online form.

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