An ice cream mix made in Minnesota - and available in Duluth - is being flagged for improper pasteurization.  The mix made by Autumnwood Farms near Forest Lake is available at certain locations throughout the state including the newly-opened Love Creamery in Duluth.

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture has issued a Consumer Advisory to alert consumers to the potential for e coli interaction.  At this point no one has become ill from the product and the alert is for general information.  The agency is suggesting that consumers who purchased the product between June 11 and July 12 throw it out.

The Autumnwod Farms Dairy has operated since 1902, offering a wide variety of milk products sold at grocery stores and specialty markets in the Twin Cities metro.  According to their website, the dairy maintains the highest standards in producing their farm-fresh products:

Through rotational grazing and carefully managed nutrition, the Autumnwood Farm cows produce milk that tastes good and is good for you.

Autumnwood Farm cows never receive growth hormone (rBST), and since they are raised naturally in a very healthful environment, they rarely need antibiotics. Every measure is taken to ensure that Autumnwood milk is free of any antibiotics.

The Love Creamery is a relatively new store in Duluth, located at 1908 West Superior Street.  Their aim is locally-sourced ice creams.

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