Ope! If you want to see one of the ugliest homes in Minnesota, you have a chance in just a few days. Of course, we mean this in the best way possible.

There have been some very interesting homes for sale in Minnesota in recent times. Some are shocking. Some are beautiful. Some are downright strange! For example, a recent home for sale in St. Cloud is one of the most colorful homes I have ever seen.

Meanwhile, in Duluth, a one-of-a-kind home went up for sale to the tune of five-million dollars! The home is located near Bovey and it is absolutely beautiful and mind-blowing, which is probably obvious by the price tag.

Another awesome house is hidden along Superior Street in downtown Duluth. You would never know a home was even in the building this spot is located in, let alone a massive house with really cool finishes.

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With the beautiful and odd homes come some homes that are just not cute. There are so many of these homes that there is now a television show all about them! It is on HGTV and the show is appropriately-titled Ugliest House In America. 

Now, due to how popular the show is, it even has a spinoff called Ugliest House In America: Ugly In Paradise. The show has the same premise but focuses on ugly houses in ideal locations. A home in the Great Lakes region of Minnesota is going to be spotlighted on a new episode.

The home is not everyone's cup of tea but that's okay! According to popular Instagram account Zillow Gone Wild, the home was built back in the 1960s by a woodworker. The woodworker had an "oops" and didn't construct it right so some doors in the home don't open as they should.

The home is also unique in other aspects, like the decor and the roof, which seems to need some improvements. There is also a strange window looking into a small space that looks like it is peering underneath the staircase.

Overall, the home has an old vibe to it and could use some brightening up! However, it is still unique and special in its own way. We can get a better look at the home in an upcoming episode that airs on Sunday, August 7th!

The episode this home will be featured on is called the Not-So-Great Lakes and it will feature other interesting homes in the Great Lakes region. The episode description says the show will spotlight "a real-life Victorian dollhouse, a lake house with a funky odor and a former church." Sadly, I can not say if any of those spots are the home in question but my vote is on the lake house with a funky odor.

The show isn't mean to simply knock these houses. The house dubbed the very ugliest each episode receives a renovation and makeover to the tune of $150,000 dollars. This is awesome but also, I kind of love the charm of these houses as is!

The show airs on HGTV and Discovery Plus on Sundays. If you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it. Plus, you can see other houses from Minnesota. One episode featured the famous Poseidon House in St. Cloud and another home that used to be a funeral home.

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