Minnesota artist Dayna Koehn got a phone call, and it was an unexpected one but was an exciting one that will put her in front of millions of people.

Dayna got a call from the NCAA to sing the National Anthem for the NCAA Women's Basketball Final on ESPN. This isn't the first National Anthem for her but she said it doesn't make it any less exciting. She sang at a Minnesota Lynx game Sept 2021, and a Minnesota Timberwolves game Dec 2021.

Koehn got the call and immediately hopped on her Facebook page because no one was home to tell, so she told the world. With excitement and out of breath she announced that she was just offered to sing the National Anthem before the game and accepted.

Dayna Koehn used by permission
Dayna Koehn used by permission

That was April 3rd and as usual, she sang the heck out of it. That wasn't her first National Anthem, but it was her first on national TV. Couldn't have come at a better time. I talked to Dayna about her adventure and she told me she released her new single "Invisible" around the same time.

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Koehn says the new song is very personal and that the lyrics helped her to cope with everything going on in her life and hopes it connects with people who are going through things in their life too. Divorce, depression, grief, whatever it is, she is hoping it helps people when they listen like it helped her to write and sing it.

Dayna is one of the featured artists at applaudus.com and says it's different than all the other platforms because they really support artists rather than just make money off them. That's not the only place you can find her, you can search any other streaming service to purchase or stream her new single.

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Dayna played the Midwest Country Music Organization's award show a couple of years ago when she was nominated for New Artist and Song of the year for 2019. Last year she was one of the finalists for the Minnesota State Fair Talent Show.

Coming up she has some more music and hopes to release an EP later this year. She will release a song called "Let The Girls Play" (projected for this Summer). Koehn says her release time frame was thrown off with COVID and is just now getting back in the studio to finish some songs.

She is excited to share all the new music she has been playing at some of her shows. Wanna know more or find out where she is playing? Connect with her on her website DaynaKoehn.com.

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