Miki Speer was a ukelele player when she started writing songs and soon took on guitar to sing about life and about death.

She is a bundle of energy and never answers anything with one word. When you talk to her, you talk to her and she will talk back to you. She grew up in the church doing Christmas stuff and then in the Praise Choir.

She says when she wrote the first song it just came to her. She also started playing guitar not too long ago. She took a friend's advice and stopped playing ukelele and then moved on to the guitar.

Her father was in a band and she always looked up to him. Then Miki was impressed with Lauren Daigle, a Christian singer that had a pop hit and that was something to her because not many Christian singers make it to the pop charts.

Miki says she always loves learning and has learned you need to ask for something you want and you have to motivate yourself because you won't be handed it.

Her favorite music story was when she was on stage at a gathering talking about grief. She decided to do an upbeat song and it didn't go well because it was too happy and she didn't know what to do on stage because she is used to being on stage with a guitar. Now she had to perform. You live and learn, right?

Below is Miki's Information to connect.

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