The message was meant to be sent, but to only a few of the patients in line for a COVID-19 Vaccine.

Fox 9 is reporting that one of the vendors for the Minnesota Department Of Health accidentally sent a message to a large number of Minnesota Seniors that had an appointment, that the appointment was canceled. The message was meant to reach 20 people instead reached an undetermined amount of people.

Primary Bio was the vendor and took full responsibility for the error, but they admit by the time it reached some of the patients there was too much confusion to go back and try to fix it. ABC 5 says Primary Bio apologized to the State of Minnesota, Minnesotans affected by the error, and to the Minnesota Department of Health.

The MDH released this statement:

Our vendor, Primary Bio, has taken full responsibility and has apologized to the State of Minnesota and all Minnesotans impacted. Those Minnesotans who received the message in error this morning have been notified that their appointments are confirmed and they should show up to their appointment as previously scheduled.

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Fox 9 showed the exact verbiage that was used to send the messages, and they were alarming:

"It has come to our attention that you were able to make a vaccine appointment even though you were not randomly selected for the COVID-19 Vaccine Pilot Program this week," one of the messages said. "As a result, we regret to inform you that your appointment is unauthorized and no longer valid."

Yeow, unauthorized. that would alarm me for sure. I would start to wonder why they were unauthorized and why couldn't I get a shot.

The matter seems to have been cleared up, no word in any story on how they took care of the people that were canceled but weren't supposed to be.

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