Meat Loaf says he's never drank his own urine, but he knows people -- famous people -- who have. The singer does cop to injecting a solution that included his urine however, but it's really not as strange as it seems.

The admission clears up rumors that have long circulated. He was struggling with his voice, but the urine was mixed with other ingredients by an allergy specialist. "You don't just pee in a bottle and stick a needle in and inject it," he told Britain's Q Magazine (quote via VVN).

The yellow solution won't be enough to keep him on the road however. Meat Loaf's many malladies have left him struggling to keep current commitments on his Last at Bat Tour, which he promises will truly be his last.

"I won't be talked out of it. I've had all these concussions, and they're now starting to play havoc with my equilibrium and balance. I was upstairs getting dressed earlier and if you'd had a camera on me you'd be asking, 'How much has that guy had to drink?' That's a problem on stage."

The singer envies men his age who can still perform at a high level on stage, and he's the first to admit the extra weight he carries is to blame. Knee replacement surgery is just one of a number of recent obstacles he's had to overcome to continue playing. The final Last at Bat Tour stop is now scheduled for August. Once he's hung up his mic for good, he'll have more time to share time, and drinks, with friends. But not urine ... oh no, that's not for him.

"A few years ago I was at the Cigar Club in Beverly Hills and there were some really famous people there one night," he tells Q Magazine without disclosing names, "and they were all peeing in glasses and bringing them back and having others drink it. It was an allergy thing. I wasn't involved, but I was there."

If "drinks with Meat Loaf" is on your bucket list you may want to leave that dream unrealized.

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