Mariah Carey's brand new docu-series will offer some very pronounced glimpses of her old self, the singer says.

In an interview with Kelly Ripa and Jussie Smollett on Live With Kelly, Carey — dressed in lingerie for a special pajama party episode — offered tidbits about what her forthcoming E! show, Mariah's Worldwill cover. Between wedding planning and concerts overseas, cameras have captured some classic Mimi in the vein of her infamous 2002 Cribs episode.

During a tour of Carey's New York City penthouse 14 years ago, MTV documented Carey as she famously exercised in high heels, dipped into her bathtub and marveled at her own shoe collection.

"Everybody made such a big deal about it back then," Carey says in the clip above. "Like it was the world's most wild thing...There's some Cribs moments on [Mariah's World]. It's kind of Cribs-esque."

Carey also insists that while she's tailor-made for a camera crew, there are definitely moments during filming that she "shut them down quite a bit." So, expect to see her at her best and worst.

"In the beginning I was like, ughh, with the cameras — like, it's too much, get it out of here," Carey says in the clip above. "But we were on tour, so it's a natural environment with a lot of creative people...What I have to freakin' endure every day with these people."

Has the promise of 2002-era Mariah convinced you to check out Mariah's World?

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