This story is absolutely crazy and scary. A Minnesota man has been charged after pointing a gun at some kids in his neighborhood.

It has been a scary few weeks in Minnesota, with frightening crime stories making headlines. A good example of this was a recent incident at the Mall of America. A man armed with a rifle robbed a store inside the mall before being tackled by police.

Another scary headline comes from right here in the Northland, when a bus driver was pulled over for driving erratically. The bus was filled with kids, as it was en route to a summer camp in Eveleth. The driver was six times over the legal limit.

In lighter news, a Rochester resident also made headlines recently. He broke into a home - in Wisconsin! He somehow traveled far from home, broke into a house that he thought was his and tried to take a bath before police showed up.

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This headline may be the scariest yet. I came across the story and was absolutely shocked. A Minnesota man has been charged after pointing a gun at some neighbor kids. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

The incident happened in Mankato, which is a few hours from Duluth. The man is 59-years-old and has been charged with two counts of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and one count of making a terroristic threat, which are very serious charges.

So what exactly happened? According to KARE 11, the man approached two young girls and pointed a gun at them around eight that evening. The young girls, ages eight and nine, told police they were in their backyard playing and the neighbor came over to them and told them he would shoot them if they didn't "stop playing" in his yard.

Thankfully, nobody was hurt and the police arrived on scene. KARE 11 reports that the man wouldn't come out of his home for awhile when police arrived but when he did face the police, he told them he has a gun and was buzzed. He also said that he warned the neighbors not to play in his yard but did not point the gun at the kids.

I am so glad that the neighbors are okay and that police were called before things got even more out of hand. This is a pretty scary story that could have had a tragic ending.

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