The 4 AM crowd at an all-night diner is always going to be a bit rough, but christmas-themed arson at the local Denny's seems a bit...over the top.

Nobody was quite prepared for what happened at a Denny's in San Antonio Texas last weekend. It started when an unknown man became angry that his waitress was taking too long bringing him his check. Instead of lodging a compliant with his server or another employee, the fellow decided to take his frustration out on the restaurant's Christmas tree, by setting it on fire.

The evergreen, which probably hadn't been watered since Christmas 1987 caught fire prety quickly, and patrons began fleeing the Denny's.

While nobody was hurt in the blaze, the disgruntled guest caused $150,000 in damages. Police have reviewed the restaurant's surveillance video, but haven't been able to identify the culprit.

Whoever he is, he faces charges of arson. We're also pretty sure burning a Christmas tree is sure-fire way to land on Santa's naughty list for good, but from what we've seen, that's not such a terrible punishment.