Have you ever believed in something and fought for it. A man from Yarmouth, Maine will be buried in a coffin made from a tree he fought to protect. He used every trick in the book in order to save the tree, and did, to an extent, but both lost their fight.

Frank Knight was a professional logger but spent a large chunk of his life protecting New The 217-year-old tree nicknamed "Herbie" eventually succumbed to Dutch elm disease.  The 103-year-old man eventually lost his fight and passed away, but that is only part of the story.

According to the Forcaster, Hopkins said arrangements have been made for Knight to be buried in a casket made of wood from Herbie, which seems fitting.

Over the years, Knight worked to protect other local trees as well, though his works will forever be tied to the relationship he had with Herbie. After the tree fell, its wood was used to make several items, including an electric guitar. The coffin was designed by local custom furniture maker Chris Becksvoort who was also close to Herbie and Knight.

I see it as only fitting, it reminds me of the old Shel Silverstein book, "The Giving Tree"


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