If talking hillbilly squids actually lived in the Appalachians, they'd probably love them some Skynyrd. And they'd surely be excited as all get-out to hear Lynyrd Skynyrd's newly recorded version of the 'Squidbillies' theme song.

'Squidbillies,' a fixture on the Adult Swim schedule since 2005, follows the rootin' tootin' animated adventures of the Georgia-dwelling Cuyler clan, some of the last few members of the dwindling "Appalachian Mud Squid" population -- and sort of a destructive plague on Dougal County, the impoverished, addiction-beset region where they live. Featuring storylines involving moonshinin', meth makin' and huntin', it's kind of like a much darker and animated 'Dukes of Hazzard,' only with talking squids.

The show has previously enlisted a number of other acts to put their spin on the theme, including Widespread Panic and George Jones, and invited a growing list of special guests that includes the Drive-By Truckers and 38 Special. But Skynyrd's involvement is particularly apropos, given that the squid known as Early Cuyler is an avid fan of the band who's been known to randomly spout off song titles. (As the Urban Dictionary's description of Early puts it, "He had an illegitimate squid with an enormous white woman with a mullet who lives on a mattress in the town dump, always drinking a Big Gulp.")

Skynyrd's 'Squidbillies' theme (which you can hear here, courtesy of the A.V. Club) acts as their second recent foray into television; as we previously reported, the band is also responsible for the new 'Pawn Stars' theme song. They also recently demonstrated their sense of humor about themselves and "redneck culture" during a recent appearance on 'The Soup.'