It appears you can break the chain and sometimes that can be a good thing.  It also helps to keep publicists busy.  In the short-period of one week, sometimes former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham announced the end of his 20-year marriage, his new solo album (the first true solo set in ten years), and a new tour for 2021; that tour will make a stop close to home with a show at Mystic Lake Casino in September.

The divorce came as sort of a surprise.  Buckingham and Kristen Messner seemed happy since their marriage in 2000 - adding some stability to a life that sometimes wasn't so steady.  Many sources have quoted Buckingham as stating that Messner was his one true love of his life - sharing "he was lucky to find love later in life".  Buckingham and Messner shared a stable family life as well, with three kids together.

At the same time as the divorce became public, the singer also started publicity for a new self-titled solo set.  While he had released new music in 2017, that album was a collaboration with some-time partner Christine McVie that has originally started out as a new Fleetwood Mac set; plans for the whole group being involved were shelved when Stevie Nicks dropped plans to join in.  The new album is currently available to stream and a lead single called "I Don't Mind" has been public for a while. To promote the album, Buckingham will take to the road throughout the remainder of 2021 - stopping in 30 cities.

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The spotlight will be on the new music when Lindsey Buckingham comes to Mystic Lake Casino's Showroom on Friday, September 3, with an 8:00 PM show.  Tickets start at $29.00 and are already on sale through the Mystic Lake Box Office:  952-496-6563 or by going to their website.

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