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Lindsay Lohan just got off formal probation and is accused of punching a woman in the back at The Standard, a trendy West Hollywood hot spot. According to cops, The incident is being investigated as a "suspicious circumstance. Judge Stephanie Sautner told her to "lead your life in a more mature way" and implored her to "stop the night clubbing and focus on your work." Sounds like she is….not working and night clubbing. C’mon Lindsay!!





Mike Wallace from 60 minutes has passed away at the age of 93. Very sad, we are losing the original 60 minutes crew.








Katy Perry says her two favorite fashion icons are: Natalie Wood and Judy Jetson! Well, that explains a lot about her style sense……or lack of it.







HERE’S THE HOT POOP!!! Even though they deny it and deny it, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are said to be dating. I always say this, the more they deny it the more it’s true, how long did she deny her marriage, how long did she deny the divorce, now denying she made any money off the wedding…..and then this…..mark my words, they’re seeing each other. It’s too new and they want the scoop.