Here's something that can be a family project or a class project. Let's send Valentine cards to seniors.

I read about an idea in New York on a sister station of ours called Lite 98.7. They suggested writing Valentines to seniors in assisted living homes, rest homes, group homes. Seniors have been hit hard during the pandemic. Some older folks don't get visitors during this time because people are afraid to pass COVID on to them, so many people complained of being lonely.

It's easy, you can draw it yourself, which means making an art project for your kids, your class, or your Sunday School. You don't have to put a name on it, then it can go to anyone. You should sign it, however, then people can see a name and know who put all the work into the card.

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In order to pull this off, I recommend that you call the rest home, assisted living homes, or wherever you are sending them before you drop it off or send it. I don't see why they wouldn't want some cards to give to the people living at their facility. They may want it sent to the manager or ask if they would be willing to give you a name or two that would really be deserving of the card. The best thing to do is find out how many seniors are living there and have a card for each person.

The homemade cards are the best because there is a lot to put into them and would really make someone's day. I hope this inspires people to do this. I will vow to make some myself and send them out or drop them off to some of the places around the Twin Ports.

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