A new location - with a larger footprint - awaits future patients of Lake Superior Community Health Center in Superior.  The renovations at the former grocery store in the East End neighborhood have been finished and they're ready for appointments.

The newly-renovated building replaces the heath facilities former location on Tower Avenue.  The move will allow for more appointments and services. Lake Superior Community Health Center Chief Executive Officer Jessie Peterson explains "(o)ur current location on Tower Avenue has served us incredibly well over the years, but we just ran out of room".

Along with additional space, the center will add services, too - like dental.  According to an article in the Superior Telegram [paywall], the new site encompasses 25,000 square feet in comparison to the 18,000 square feet at the old site.

It also allows for a consolidation of facilities, too.  "(M)edical care, dental care, behavioral health, and outpatient substance abuse services" will now be located "under one roof" and will "allow....for regular outpatient substance abuse groups to meet".


With the construction work finished, it will also bring a new chapter of life to the building.  The building located at 2222 East 5th Street in Superior had been originally built as a grocery store; a variety of different owners operated grocery retail out of the building - with the most-recent being Super One Foods, which vacated the site when they moved to a new, bigger building a few blocks away in 2014. It also "reflects a several million dollar investment in the community".

Lake Superior Community Health Center operates clinics in "Superior, Duluth, and Carlton", employing around 120 people.

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