Visit Duluth welcomed a special delivery from the Lake Superior College Welding Department

It was a replica of the Aerial Lift Bridge! 95 inches end to end and 82 inches tall, Little Lifty, as it will be called, will be on display at Visit Duluth and used for possible live marketing events as a photo op. At least that's the plan for now.

I stopped by the Visit Duluth office while it was being put together. I talked a little with LSC representative Daniel Fanning and he was talking about what a great welding program LSC has.

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The story is that Visit Duluth purchased the materials for the building of this piece of art and in turn, Little Lifty became a unique class project for the Welding students. Instructor Matt Farmchin (pictured above) assembled "Littel Lifty" as the group in Visit Duluth were calling it. The small version of the iconic bridge weighs 350 lbs, so you can't just set it up whenever you want.

Jokes were being thrown around the office (mostly by me) that we should get some LED lights in order to change the colors to fit whatever the real Aerial Lift Bridge is showing that day.

You can stop into the Visit Duluth Office in the Holiday Center located on Superior Street where it is being displayed right behind the front desk. Matt Farmchin (instructor) told Fox 21, He was

“Incredibly proud. And I know it's one of those things that all of the students that were involved in it, anytime they see it in a photo online or just in person at an event, they’ll know they took part in helping make that. It’s one of the big things that helps bring pride as a welder,”

I have to say, after seeing it, the welders really paid attention to detail and it a real achievement. So what happens when I honk at it?

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