What is the perfect man. Is it someone perfect for you or for everyone else? I think some men cheat because of that fact. They aren't perfect for you, they are just perfect, and they know it!!.

Ladies, the "perfect man" does not exist.

In a study of 2,000 women, most women ranked their fella as being only 69 per cent perfect.

For the most part, men come up short in 20 common areas: failing to make an effort with their partner's friends, criticizing their driving, and the inability to multi-task. Other male failings include leaving the bathroom door open, watching too much sports, and poor personal grooming.

A few things on the list are apparently a no-go for a lot of women: clothes being left on the bedroom floor, snoring, leaving the toilet dirty, not making an effort with their partner's family, leaving out nail clippings, or being too much of a momma's boy.


When asked what would make the perfect man, a good personality came top, followed by a sense of humor and looks.

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