As a foodie, I have a strong dislike for kitchen gadgets.  In my opinion, items like garlic presses and George Foreman Grills just take up space;   There are practical ways of accomplishing the same results with the tools you already have (or SHOULD already have) in your kitchen.

That's why this article caught my eye.  It appears that someone in Portland, Washington is opening up a library that lends kitchen gadgets - not books.  In some ways, it's like those rental centers that lend power tools and heavy equipment.

TheKitchn reports that The Southeast Community Kitchen Tool Library was inspired by the Southeast Portland Tool Library, where members can borrow home and garden tools, and North Portland Preserve and Serve, which loans out canning equipment. According to the Sunnyside neighborhood blog, the library aims "to provide a wide variety handy items that are infrequently needed and often prohibitively expensive."


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