I've loved the Stones since day one. While others kids were "gaga" over the Beatles, I went the other way with the Stones. I loved the "coolness" of the Stones... a smile every now and then, maybe, but that's it.. I'm still hooked.  Over the years the money I've spent for the boys books is crazy, but for the most part, it was worth it. I can't say the same for "Life"  the latest offering by Keith Richard.  The book has no "flow",  I  had to force myself to lumber my way through it.  Keith's quick wit was abundant, however several times I felt I was reading the same old same old. On the positive side, if you're new to the Rolling Stones  no doubt you'll find the book interesting. The price of the book is another downfall, however if you scout around you'll find plenty of copies selling for a fraction of the original cost from sellers who like myself, were duped.