Keely Gelineau is an actress from the area and stopped by to talk about being a single Mom and the challenges of both.

She started just like anyone, she had a dream and then chased after it. When it started to happen and she had to be somewhere to shoot a scene, that became a challenge.

She seems to have things going on now and even has the single Mom thing down for when she is shooting or starring in something. Her latest show is called Wing Girl and at the time we did the interview, she wasn't able to talk a lot about it. I have included some video for you to check out now that she can spill the beans.

I had some questions for her like, are there scenes you are shooting that you wouldn't want your parents, kids, or friends to see.

I also asked her about how to get started for people in the area with the same dream. How do you start, how do you do something like this while living here?

It was a great conversation.

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