Keely Gelineau is trying to make it to the cover of Maxim Magazine, and win $25,000.

Keely is an actress, model, producer, etc, you get the idea, she wears many hats and is an ambitious woman with many irons in the fire. She has been working on a show called WING GIRL which is soon to make it to the small screen, as well and funding different projects that she produces. She also is part of the Northfire Group. The group offers talent, organizes events, and even handles web presence.

This venture is purely Keely. She is in the Midwest division, so first, she has to win her division, then win the final, but she needs to get there first. This would be a huge win in her book as well as showcasing talent from our neck of the woods.

Plus, Keely says, the icing on the cake is you can buy extra votes and all the money goes to WOUNDED WARRIORS.  Which was a plus for her.

Let's help this homegrown girl to achieve her dreams.



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