We can't thank the Vets for their service to our country enough, but the P.I.G.S. motorcycle group is thanking them by raising money to help Vets in the area.

The P.I.G.S. Motorcycle Charity Group will be holding its 12th Annual P.I.G.S. Ride For Veterans. You can sign up on July 17th between 10:30 am and 12 noon at The Bong Heritage Center. The group will be escorted out of town by the Superior Police Department en route to the 100 miles through Northern Wisconsin.

All motorcycles are welcome as well as muscle cars all proceeds will go to Veterans Services in the area like Project New Hope which helps Vets and their families spend time together through wilderness retreats. The Douglas County Veterans Service helps veterans and their families and makes sure they are receiving the State and Federal benefits that they are entitled to, as well as other services that Vets have earned. The Bong Heritage Center honors Richard I Bong and other Veterans for their service.

The P.I.G.S. Motorcycle Charity Group was created in 2009 and is a 100% non-profit organization and all money stays local and helps the veterans in the Duluth and Superior area. They also donate their time to people who need help, by doing manual labor, one time I saw them help a Vet move because he couldn't afford the help.

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To help raise money, The P.I.G.S. will be selling shirts. There will be door prizes, and a 50/50 drawing. All money collected will go to our charities and stay local.

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