John Shuster and the USA curling team are making the media rounds and riding on the success of the Olympics to new things. John came in to talk about the feeling of winning Gold, the Olympic experience, and what might happen in the future.

They are doing everything right now and enjoying it. I was impressed they got to drop the puck at an outdoor NHL game. In true fashion they curled on a hockey rink. They were on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show, they appeared in NY on the Today Show.

John talked about what it was like winning and beating friends of his, because they all become friends when you play each other so much. That's also how curling works, you curl, then you sit down to talk and get to be friends. I told him it was like the mob, in the mob, it's a friend that wacks you, in curling, it's a friend that beats you.

I want to thank John for coming in, he told us how important it was to take care of the radio stations that have always been behind us. I told him, I was behind him because he is a friend, and also, I like seeing friends succeed.

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