Daryl Hall and John Oates are coming to the Xcel Energy center bringing Squeeze and KT Tunstall, but he said something that was brilliant.

He gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine, and the Duo talked about how they hand-picked their opening acts. He talked about how Daryl and he were big fans of the acts and they were songwriters and so they wanted to have people on the tour they loved and loved their music.

They also said they loved the places they were playing, the history of the two with the places they were playing and some of the new places they have never played..

Here's where the interview gets interesting. John Oates talked about their song choices. He said they have so many hits and try to mix in some songs they like but might not have been a hit, or new material they were working on. The people let them know they were not happy if they missed a song.  So, John Oats said this:

“I feel a professional responsibility to play the songs that people want to hear, They are the songs that have made us who we are. We have a lot of them. The only problem is we have too many of them, but that’s a problem that many artists would love to have.”

So how do they play every song? They just need to listen to their fans. Daryl Hall said:

“A few years back we had a big show where we didn’t play ‘Private Eyes’ for some reason, People got pissed off. They got angry at us. You can’t do that. You have to play these songs.”

So they will play them all.


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