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By: Jason Merritt Getty Images Entertainment

Jennifer Love Hewitt said at The Client List kick off party that she had a crush on Maroon 5 frontman and The Voice’s Adam Levine. Well Adam answered on the Ellen show by saying he is flattered. When asked if it will lead to something, he said, “You never know”. Oh, we know! Hot Woman, Single, a lot of talent to fill her dress if you know what I mean, I give it a couple of months and we will report this couple.





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Scarlett Johanson said recently in an E! Entertainment interview what she wears to be comfortable in her new Avengers outfit. Nothing! That’s right, she said, anything she wore became dislodged, so she elected to be Naked under the suit. When asked if it was uncomfortable she said, “No, it’s got a lot of give and since I don’t have any other clothes it feels like part of me”. Well, I need to watch the trailer a little closer.





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HERE’S THE HOT POOP!!! Former Minnesota Viking Bryant Mckinnie is in default of a lockout loan he took out last year. Before the lockout he borrowed 4 million dollars at high risk, missed a payment and now the loan is called in. The reason he says he missed a payment is because his Viking checks went right on the account, but in August the Vikings cut him and so the check never paid the loan payment. So now the loan is called in and he owes the entire amount. 4 million from Feb to July, what do you need that much money for?

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