The Jean Duluth and Keene Creek Dog Parks will close beginning on Friday, March 12th, until further notice due to wet conditions.

According to a press release, other dog parks like Observation and the K-9 Haas Memorial at Gary New Duluth. will remain open. The City of Duluth staff is going to continue to assess all site conditions and will make recommendations to reopen the site after the ground has dried. The other dog parks will be looked at too in case they may need to be closed. The entrance gates to the park will be locked, and signs will be posted.

As you know we have had a lot of rain and snow over the past couple days. Keene park had previously said they were partially closed, but with alll the melting the city of Duluth decided to close it and save the park from getting too muddy and getting wrecked because people were only walking on it. It is also to keep it safe from anyone taking a spill

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Jean Duluth Park has soft ground too and being that it is in a cleared area with some bad drainage right now, it makes it dangerous also to walk in and makes it messy, and if it continued to be walked on, it would only cause damage to the area.

According to Duluth Dog Parks, Keene Creek Dog Park opened in West Duluth in 2006 because of volunteers and continues to be a strong volunteer-led dog park. There are constant fundraisers to keep this dog park clean and useable. It is constantly being flooded when the snow melts but makes it through with the help of volunteers who planted trees and gravel, and have tried to fix the drainage problems. If you do bring your dog there is no water so please bring your own when you visit.

According to the dog park website, Jean Duluth Park was completed in August of 2016. Volunteers also led the making of this park, removing fencing and installing some pet-safe posts, and redoing the park.  The city put concrete in the entry, ordered signs, and installed them. It was all donations that covered most of the dog park to be built.

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