I grew up in the country, the whole world was my dog's "park".  It wasn't until I moved to the city and saw the smaller yards that I understood the need for dog parks.  The first dog park in Duluth was introduced in 2004, the next in 2011, now we have a third.

The property for this dog park at 3567 Riley Road was determined over 10 years ago and it only became a reality because of the determination and dedication of many volunteers.  The thing I think that is most cool about this dog park is that it's "green".  According to WDIO.com they reused the fencing from the newly closed Morgan Park School.  Of course, it was a labor of love for animals because all that fencing had to be carefully removed from the school's property, transported to the site of the dog park and reassembled.  But how lucky to be able to get that fencing, it saved tons of money on having to order fencing, I believe in fate and perhaps that's why the dog park didn't come to fruition until fencing was available.  Because there was an abundance of fencing they were able to make separate areas for the larger and smaller dogs to play.  Thank you to the volunteers who put their sweat equity into something that will be shared by humans and dogs for years to come!

The other two dog parks are Keenes Creek and Observation.  (Although the Duluth Dog Park website also names a dog park at Gary New Duluth. (to me that would make four, but then again, I'm bad at math.)  There are hours of operation and rules to follow, click on the links for more information.