After weeks of speculation, J.J. Watt did not sign with the Green Bay Packers. In fact, all the betting sites were wrong with favorites.

Once that happened the floodgates opened.

The NFL ran with it, and everyone knew he was a Cardinal. That happens to be where DeAndre Hopkins went last year. Maybe he heard how good it was to play there and the coaches were good and the team was good. Funny, back when I first started talking about this, everyone was having a laugh because he said the workout gym in Arizona is right next to a Culvers. Hmmmmm, he was already telling us he was in Arizona and everyone missed it.

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Ian Rapoport of the NFL website is reporting he signed for two years, 31 million and 23 million guaranteed. The NFL site is saying it could have been DeAndre Hopkins who said something, or that J.J. Watt was impressed with edge rusher Chandler Jones, and J.J. might have thought he would fit in well. Now it gives each side some attention and maybe productive for J.J. Watt.

It seems to me like J.J. Watt might have known where he wanted to go all along and loved seeing people go crazy online over speculation on where he was going. I think this could be where J.J. Watt ends his career, or in two years he will go play with his brothers.

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