It's a dream scenario, the guy that came from Wisconsin, played for Wisconsin, comes back to Wisconsin to play for Green Bay and win the Super Bowl.

Sounds like a movie script, a dream, and maybe won't become a reality. Both his brothers play for Pittsburgh. That might be a good story too? Joins his brothers to make the defense unstoppable and wins Super Bowl. Both of those stories could happen. According to Sportsbooks Pittsburgh is the front runner, Sportsline says Green Bay is.

Does it make sense for Green Bay to sign him? Let's look at the facts. Here are the reasons they shouldn't sign him. Forbes says he is injury-ridden, he has only ever played two full seasons without an injury, he is 32, he makes a lot of money and Green Bay is already in cap trouble and has to sign some of its stars.

On the plus side, he is still productive despite his age (32) and the fact that he has been in the league for 11 years, he might be the missing link to a Super Bowl, he is from Wisconsin and would be a great draw for fans, and he grew up idolizing the team. He is a good player and may have left the Texans at the right time. He wants to win a championship and wants to be on a team that can do it.

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Fansided says the Packers could pay for him with TV deals because a player of his stature joining with Aaron Rodgers and other stars on the team would mean TV would want to cover the team, not to mention jersey sales and other merchandise the team would sell with his picture and jersey on it.

Can they sign him? Yes, they could push money into other seasons with other players and get creative with some other players. He can add to this team. Should they sign him? From a business standpoint, no. They have no cap space to pay him and would just go deeper into the hole.  Will they sign him? That remains to be seen, it would take quite the deal to get him there, and a few Culvers deliveries.

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