A grandpa in Wisconsin got so mad that he used his car as a battering ram to smash his neighbor's vehicle.

Angry Wisconsin Grandpa Has Road Rage Against Neighbor

I know quite a few homeowners who get very angry when someone does something around their house that they don't like. That includes the people who park in front of the residence. My dad was like that. He would get so mad at times about the vehicles sitting on the street.

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I know that the Hulk is just a comic-book character but in real life, people change when they get angry. They might not turn green and grow muscles but they will lose their mind. It will make them do crazy stuff. That's why you can't take a chance anymore because you don't know what a mad person might do.

Road Rage In WI (162406124)
Wisconsin Grandpa Arrested For Road Rage

One of those scary road rage-type incidents happened in Dickeyville, Wisconsin, What a perfect name for the town. The suspect claims he went to leave his house and when he came down the driveway the back of his neighbor's car was in the yellow and sticking out into the driveway.

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The park job by his neighbor made him very angry. He rammed into the vehicle on purpose not once but twice. The victim called the police and when they arrived the suspect admitted to the accident. The man said that he got mad and lost his cool. The sad part is he's 76 years old and should know better. He's probably someone's grandpa which is kind of scary.

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