So, you're walking around scoping out the deals at Walmart when you hear a code over the intercom. This isn't really an unusual day - you've probably heard codes several times without thinking twice about it.

After reading this article though, you'll be on a high alert every time there's a code mentioned, because knowing these may just save your life!

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Store intercom codes operate much like hospital intercom codes, passing along information to employees who can then react accordingly. It's unclear exactly when these codes all began, but it is evident that they were created to not only optimize the way the store operates, but to make sure the shoppers are safe as well. Some are quite terrifying.

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One well-know code began in 1994. “Code Adam” essentially locks down the store while the employees do a sweep to look for a missing child, according to Time. 

"Code Adam" started after 6-year-old Adam Walsh was abducted from a Sears in Florida in 1981. **Sensitive info about to be posted here** Sixteen days after his disappearance, his severed head was found floating in a canal by two fishermen.

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That was the only code I had heard about until reading this article. Now there are several I'll never forget! Knowledge is power. Learn these codes - knowing them may just save your life.

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