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Not surprisingly, a lot of people shop on walmart.com. Statista says 268 million visited the retail chain's website in April. That number will skyrocket for the next couple of months. "The months leading up to the winter holidays are typically the months with the highest web traffic in e-commerce in the United States."

Now, there are items that we all order on walmart.com like groceries, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, but some states order specific products more frequently than the national average.


There are 64 Walmart SuperCenters in Minnesota

Did you know that Walmart sells a whopping 75 million products? That's according to Mashed and apparently, the top-selling item across the country is bananas. See what Minnesotans purchase in higher quantities than the rest of the nation below.

Walmart: Minnesotans Order This Online More Than the Rest of the Nation


Walmart tracks everything including the most popular products in every state across the nation.

They say, "The most popular product categories among Walmart.com shoppers are groceries, clothing, beauty & personal care, cleaning supplies, and vitamins and dietary supplements."

And, Business Insider says the product that Minnesotans purchase more frequently than any other state on Walmart.com is...

Walmart.com https://www.walmart.com/ip/Ozark-Trail-Basic-Quad-Folding-Camp-Chair-with-Cup-Holder-Black-Adult/983249623?athbdg=L1102

The folding camp chair!

These versatile chairs are freaking awesome and are commonly seen at driveway gatherings, backyard parties, youth sporting events, outdoor concerts, and pretty much all other social gatherings in Minnesota.

They offer a comfortable seat for various occasions, and there's a chair to fit every budget. A quick scan of Walmart.com shows several chairs with prices ranging from $8 to $80.

Code Brown and Other Secrets Revealed About Minnesota Walmart Stores

Next time you go to Walmart, listen really carefully to what is being said over the intercom. Secret codes are being shared overhead for employees so they are aware of specific situations happening in the store. If I were you, I'd look through the list below published by Shopping B.Xplained and be aware of what those codes are because a few are pretty serious situations...and you should try to evacuate the store ASAP, if possible.

Gallery Credit: Jessica On The Radio