The tragic death of a local resident brought a Wisconsin town together to honor him in a unique way on Sunday.

Fatal Farm Accident

Curtis Nehm, 27, died following a fatal farming accident in Slinger, Wisconsin on Jan. 27 Slinger is a village of approximately 6,000 people a short drive northwest of Milwaukee.

According to an obituary from the Washington County Insider, Nehm "loved farming" with his brother and also worked at a local farm equipment business.

"We will greatly miss his witty personality both behind the parts counter and out int he community,"  Farmers' Implement shared on social media following Nehm's death.

Streets Packed For Tractor Procession

The business, Nehm's family and community members organized a unique memorial on Sunday. A "Tractor Gathering For Curtis" brought farmers and their tractors out as a way to honor Nehm's life on the day of his funeral.

"They lined Railroad Street with the tractors Nehm helped maintain," Fox 6 in Milwaukee reported. "It was a final sendoff and sign of respect for one of their own."

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Videos of the gathering shared on social media showed a long line of tractors slowly making their way through town as residents lined the streets.

"We heard about the tractors comin,' so we got the tractor out of the shed, washed and waxed it, and came here," Mike Battisti told the TV station.

"Curtis's smile shined shined bright on the collection of tractors and agriculturists that came together in his memory today," Farmers' Implement shared following the event.

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