Okay, lesson learned: never leave a sauna stove on overnight! Luckily, no one was hurt, but things got a little too hot for comfort in Pequaywan Township last night.

Alarming Wake-Up Call

Around 3 AM, St. Louis County Sheriff's Deputies and emergency crews rushed to a home on West Brach Road. Turns out, the sauna was fully engulfed in flames, and even a nearby vehicle caught fire.

The homeowners had enjoyed their sauna the evening before, around 9 PM, and figured a few embers in the stove wouldn't be a problem. Uh, turns out they were wrong! They woke up to a full-on fire emergency.

Firefighter protection gear, helmet, gloves on the bumper of the fire truck

St Louis County Sheriff's Office Investigating

Thankfully, the Pequaywan Volunteer Fire Department saved the day and put those flames out. Everyone's safe, but definitely a scary situation.

The Sheriff's Office is still investigating, so we don't know the full extent of the damage just yet. But hey, at least this serves as a major reminder about fire safety – even with something as seemingly chill as a sauna!

Let's hope the homeowners get things sorted quickly, and that their next sauna session is a lot more relaxing!

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Fire Safety is Important With Saunas

Saunas offer incredible relaxation, but it's crucial to prioritize safety. Never leave a sauna stove unattended, especially with embers still burning. Always shut it down completely after use, following the manufacturer's instructions. Some manufactures and insurance companies recommend installing fire sprinklers for added safety.

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