The upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday will bring changes to the garbage collection schedule for property owners in the City of Superior. Due to the process that coordinates services for the holiday-related changes, residents will be affected the week of January 16 through January 20.

In observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr., the Superior Public Works Department will be closed on Monday, January 16. This closure will also affect the Municipal Landfill on Moccasin Mike Road.

Because of the holiday, there will be no garbage collection on that day. To accommodate, the schedule will see some of the remaining days of the week shifted around. Here's a breakdown by collection days of the week - direct from the city's website:

"Due to the holiday, garbage service will begin Tuesday, January 17th for the week. Please have your garbage out by 7:00 am on Tuesday if your pick-up day is Monday or Tuesday or by 7:00 am one day in advance of your normal scheduled pickup. Please be aware there may be delays in pickup. "

The resulting schedule will allow for no collections to happen on Monday.

As far as recycling goes, there appears to be no changes for the week. Hartel's Disposal offers a website that allows you to check the schedule and calendar for yourself.

The City of Superior usually alters garbage collection schedules to accommodate respective holidays. Recycling schedules often change at the same time - albeit at (sometimes) different revised dates; this is due to the fact that the recycling collection isn't handled by Public Works Department employees but rather by Hartel's Disposal - a contractor.

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