One Wisconsin college is trying to leverage the power of one of these biggest celebrities in the world, who happens to be a former student, to help generate some buzz for a fundraiser.

Yesterday was the 10th annual Superior Day of Giving, it is the biggest fundraiser throughout the year for the UW-Superior Foundation and the athletic department, they set a goal of raising $75,000 and for some help to reach that goal, they asked for some help from a former student, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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That's right, The Terminator himself, is an alum of University of Wisconsin-Superior, so they shot their shot and asked Schwarzenegger for a shoutout on social media saying, "The Superior Day of Giving is the biggest fundraising day of the year for UW-Superior. How about a shoutout from our most famous alum, Arnold Schwarzenegger?"

It doesn't look that Schwarzenegger responded to the request yet, but his pocket change could probably help them reach their final goal, as of writing this, the Superior Day of Giving has raised over $65,000.

When Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Attend UW-Superior?

According to the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association, Schwarzenegger earned an undergraduate degree in business administration from UW-Superior in 1979. The LA Times did a great story about Schwarzenegger's time at the college, they say that he accepted a position of "cooperating faculty member" which allowed him to participate in the “extended degree” program.

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Did Arnold Schwarzenegger Spend Much Time in Superior, WI?

Arnold didn't actually spend much time in Superior, he did most of his classwork in California, but did occasionally fly to Wisconsin to meet with professors and take exams, and it would cause a stir when he was on campus, keep in mind that he wasn't the huge movie star or ex-Governor he is now, but he was still very famous for being a six-time Mr. Olympia bodybuilder.