This promotion may end up being a one time only thing, and the store admits that, as they are set to collect used underwear in exchange for a new pair.

I'll admit, I've never seen or heard of a promotion like this before, but it's a great idea, despite being mildly disturbing that a bunch of customers are being asked to bring their old, holey, stretched out underwear into the store to trade up to a new pair.

The store says "Wear 'em in, carry 'em in, schlep 'em in, we don't care how you bring them, just dig in your drawer for a pair of expired underwear and trade them up."

What Store Is Giving Away Free Underwear?

Mark your calendar for Saturday, April 6th for what the Duluth Trading Company says is the first and maybe last 'Underwear Trade-Up Event.' The Wisconsin-based Duluth Trading Company is offering the first 300 customers at each store the opportunity to trade in an old pair of old undies for a free pair of their popular Buck Naked underwear.

Duluth Trading Company
Duluth Trading Company

How to Score a Free Pair of Underwear from Duluth Trading?

If you want to claim a free pair of underwear, show up to one of the 5 Minnesota, or 6 Wisconsin locations on April 6th starting at 10 AM with your old pair of underwear, and if you're one of the first 300 you'll get to pick a new pair in your choice of size and color. This is an in-store only promotion and there is a limit of one per customer, so don't be bringing a whole drawer of stanky underwear with you.

Google Maps
Google Maps

What Happens to The Old Underwear?

If you're wondering what happens with the old underwear brought to the store, they say that the old underwear will be collected and disposed in provided "bio-bags."

Ricker Schlecht of Duluth Trading Company says, "Think of this as a win-win for your rear end! You get to ditch those dingy boxers for an upgrade, and we get the satisfaction of putting an end to subpar undies across the nation." How noble of them.

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