Attention ladies and some gentlemen if you are single and ready to mingle I can tell you where the most single men in the country live and it is not that far from Duluth. According to the latest US Census in 2023, there are 127 million single people in the United States over the age of 18. That accounts for nearly 40% of the population which is a lot of single people out looking for love.

In a survey from the Thriving Center Of Psychology, 56 % of people surveyed said that dating today is harder than ever. So where are all these single men? "Across the United States, most single men are living in Minneapolis. Census data shows there are more than 101,000 men who have never been married living there. Atlanta is the 2nd city for bachelors followed by Newark and Pittsburgh." You could be only 150 miles away from the man of your dreams!

That is a lot of single guys in one city. But how do you meet said, single guy? 75% of people surveyed found it hard to meet people without looking online. But before you meet anyone do some research first. 51% of women admitted to researching a date online while 25 % of men admitted to doing the same thing.

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I 100% agree that if you are going on a blind date or meeting anyone for the first time in this day and age do your research. Either talk to people that know that person or check out as much information as you can online. We have all heard horror stories of people being catfished or worse.

So what Midwest cities have the most singles male and female? Minneapolis Comes in at #9, Madison, Wisconsin comes in at #11, Milwaukee, Wisconsin comes in at #18 and St. Paul rounds out the list at # 38. So if you can't find anyone locally you can try a not-so-long-distance relationship in one of those cities.

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