Keep Nosy Kids & Spouse From Finding Online Gift Purchases
Over the last few years, the concept of online holiday shopping has exploded into the mainstream. Millions of online shoppers find hot deals on "Cyber Monday" and through the entire holiday shopping season, but how do you keep nosey kids or a significant other from discovering what…
The Internet and Social Media Lead to Online Garage Sales
More and more people everyday are using the internet to shop. It seems like all business both big and small have their own website, packed full of wonderful bargains for the holiday season. Shopping on the internet can save you a lot of time, it's a real convenience.
Encyclopedia Britannica Prints No More; Goes Digital
As a Digital Immigrant, I hold fast to my land-line telephone, vinyl records, personal checks, and books.  While I have embraced the online world, I am steadfast that I hate to see traditional mediums and formats die.  That's why this story is especially sad to me;  Encyclopedia …
Zappos Database Hacked; Affects 24 Million Customers
One of (if not THEE) largest online shoe retailer notified their customer database this morning that their customer database had been hacked.
Online retailer is telling 24 million customers that their personal information has been hacked, and forcing all of them to reset their passwords...