A new class action lawsuit could see some Minnesota and Wisconsin Walmart shoppers getting up to a $500 settlement from the retail/grocery giant.

The lawsuit was filed in Florida in 2022 and accused Walmart of falsely inflating the price of a variety of "Weighted Goods and/or Bagged Citrus" that were purchased in person at a Walmart store in the United States.

What Did Walmart Do Wrong?

The lawsuit alleges that Walmart mislabeled pre-bagged oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, and other produce, resulting in customers paying for more produce than they received.

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Walmart denies the allegations, but decided to settle the lawsuit for $45 million, saying that it was in "the best interest of both parties." The money from the settlement is now in the process of being distributed to the affected customers.

How Much Can I Get From the Walmart Lawsuit?

To be eligible for some settlement money, you need to have bought weighted goods and/or bagged citrus from a Walmart store anywhere in the United States between October 19th, 2018, and January 19th, 2024. Customers may be eligible for up to a $500 payment.

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How Can I Make a Claim in the Walmart Lawsuit?

Settlement amounts will vary depending on what was purchased and if you still have the receipts for those purchases. You do have to make a claim if you want to take advantage of this lawsuit, according to the official website for the lawsuit, "No documentation is required to be eligible to receive a payment: You may submit a Claim even if you no longer have receipts."

Settlement amounts range from $10 - $500, the official website has all the details for making a claim, including eligible UPCs and links to download receipts from Walmart. You have until June 5th to make a claim.

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